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Moving with children

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When moving home with children we at Avid Move believe it is always best to be prepared, so to ease the transition for them during the move as much as possible.

We also believe that children can often complicate a move, so having someone to look after your children at a moment's notice can often help things run smoother and more efficiently.

Easing the removals process with children

Sidmouth Removals Involve your children within the process
Sidmouth Removals Introduce them to their new local area
Sidmouth Removals Help them get used to their new home by adding old familiar items
Sidmouth Removals Allow them to take part in the decision process, such as with decorating.
Removals Sidmouth Allow your children to bid farewell to the area by making a scrapbook of pictures of their home, friends, and places they like.
Removals Sidmouth Show them what the local area has to offer them
Removals Sidmouth On removal day it may help to have someone to look after your children.

When moving it can often help involving your children within the process so they feel part of the move. So we advise you to take your children to go and see the new house, meet your new neighbours, and have a look around the local area. This is not always possible but it can often help them feel settled about the move, and welcome the change.

Children like to know what is happening, not to be left in the dark, so make sure you involve them. This can be done by asking them to help by packing some of their own belongings and then at your new home getting them to help sort their items into their new room, this will allow them to feel like they are being considered during the move.

When children move into an unfamiliar surrounding it can be important that they feel safe and secure. This can be helped by filling their room with their own possessions, allowing old friends to come and visits, and make sure they know the move is happening for certain, and give them an idea of when it will occur.

During house moves children can often find they have lost a lot of their control on their surroundings. One way to help them come to terms with their new home is by allowing them time to discover their new home as well as asking what can be improved to make them feel more at home, then any realistic ideas they have should then be undertaken so to help them feel that the new house is now a home. When choosing to decorate their room it may be a good idea to involve your children in choice of the room colour and what decorations they should have. You can do this either by suggesting ideas, or giving them decorating guides for them to view and gather ideas they like.

Sidmouth Removals

A good way to ease the transition is by allowing your children to bid farewell to their old home. One way to get them to say goodbye is by making a scrapbook of their old area, such as by providing photographs of friends, their old home and places they like. For younger children they will often forget their old home quicker than you may think, but it is always good to let them feel that their feelings are considered in the move.

If your new home is in a different area make sure they know what the new area can offer them; looking for youth clubs, local parks, sport clubs, and adventure parks can help them feel like the new area has more to offer and allow them to feel that their new home benefits them. Allowing them to realise that they prefer the new area needs to be left to them, do not make them feel forced into liking what the place has to offer.

When moving home with children it can be a good idea to get a family member or friend to look after them on move day, as it will mean there is less to consider during the move so you can focus on the removal. We advise you ask someone early on about looking after your children so to make sure that they can offer assistance. Our Sidmouth Removals team find that the more you prepare the easier it shall be on the removal date.

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