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Moving with pets

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Avid Move Removal Company

We at Avid Move believe if you have pets it is important to consider in detail the method you shall be using to move your pet, as it can not only be a stressful time for you, but also for them, and if you prepare early for the move with your pet you can reduce any complications.

Avid move are an expert removal company in Cullompton, Devon. They can offer removals as well as home clearances, as well as a man and van service.

Simplifying your removal with pets

With a lot of items being moved about, cats and dogs can often feel insecure in their surroundings, so make sure you give them additional attention to continue to feel happy in their surroundings during the move. Try to keep as much as possible the same, such as your usual routine including feeding times and where you feed them. In the last few days for cats in can often be a good idea to keep them inside with a cat litter tray so they cannot go missing on the day of the move. For dogs and cats check with your vet that they are micro chipped and have an ID collar so that if they run off at any time during the move that when found they can be traced back to you. If you keep birds a leg band can be used to identify them in case they go missing. Our Cullompton Removals often run much smoother when pets are properly considered early, rather than later.

Cullompton Removals Make sure you make your cat or dog feel comfortable as you pack items
Cullompton Removals Keep your pets indoors in the last few days
Cullompton Removals Get dogs and cats are micro chipped and have identity collars
Cullompton Removals Acquire a new vet for your pet
Removals Cullompton For dogs make sure there is no escape routes out of your garden
Removals Cullompton Check the new area for potential dangers for your pet

When you move to a new area your pets will need a new veterinary clinic for your animals to receive their checkups and any other medical treatment. It can be important to do this early so that the new vet has your animal's documents that can be forwarded from your old vet so to ensure that your pet can be looked after in the event of an illness or injury. If you are unsure of which vet to use a good idea can be to ask other local pet owners for their recommendations.

For dog owners, look around the borders of your new garden to check if there are any ways for your dog to escape through, if there is any escape routes make sure to fill them before allowing your dog out. Also for cats ask neighbours if there are any difficult cats in the area that may be a problem for your cat and if there are any neighbours who dislike cats and may be cruel towards them.

On the move day

Keep your pets in a room away from the removal so they cannot go missing, and ensure that Avid Move professional removers know that they are there.

Many animals when they are not used to moving get stressed when moved in cages and in vehicles. If you get them used to being moved, prior to you moving to your new home, they will be more used to travelling and so will cause fewer issues on the day.

Many pets can get car sick so to minimise sickness do not feed for 12 hours before the journey.
For long journeys allow your cat to stop and use the litter tray, also allow them something to eat. For dogs make sure you walk them just before the move. Also make sure your vehicle is well ventilated to keep them at a good temperature, not too hot or cold, with plenty of fresh air.

Removal Company Cullompton

Small mammals such as rabbits and mice are best moved inside a container that they cannot chew to get out of, as well as having plenty of water that is in a spill proof container, some food, and a lot of bedding for them to feel safe and secure. Also like cats and dogs small mammals need to be in well-ventilated containers.

For birds like budgies they are best transported via a well-ventilated container, and make sure that the container has nothing inside that can fall inside on top of them, causing stress or injury.

For the transport of fish put them inside of strong and clean polythene bags, which are partly filled with water from the tank, and allow a well sized air pocket above the water level. Then put the bag in a container so it is secure, so the bag cannot roll around leading to extra stress or damage to the fish. Do not move your fish inside the fish tank as they tank is overly heavy and during transport the tank could break. Then when you come to put your fish back into their home treat the process as if you had got a new tank and fish, and de-chlorinate the water in the tank and make sure the bag and tank water are at an acceptable heat level before you decide to transfer your fish.

If you have any further questions about transporting your animal make sure to seek your vet's advice. For any other questions on what Avid Move can help you with give us a call today on: 01404 598 414.

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