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"We have done our fair share of packing over the years and have also advised customers how to do their own if they so wish. We do of course offer this service. What we have tried to do here is answer some of the more common questions we get, and also want to highlight the importance of using good double walled boxes. " Kevin, Owner of Avid Move.
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Firstly before you start to pack anything you should make sure you have plenty of wrapping paper, newspaper will do the job but it will leave ink over everything you wrap in it so we recommend a plain (chip shop type!) paper, something we are able to supply. Tape and labels will also be required and a good quality marker pen to write on the labels, so you know what’s inside and of course what room it has to go back in.

Its important to use a good quality tape, it’s worth spending a little bit more as some of the cheaper brands don’t hold their adhesion. Ensure you do not leave tape in direct sun light as this will also cause it to loose adhesion, when you’re carrying a box you want to know the bottom won’t fall apart!

Usually we find it best to work from the top of the house down, so the lofts first, bring it all down into the living room, somewhere it can’t be pushed aside until later. Try not to get too attached to the items your packing, its very easy to talk about one particular piece that reminds you of a holiday, person etc, but this method will increase your packing time four fold, you need to be detached and one room at a time.

When packing boxes please don’t find the biggest box and fill it with books or heavy items as the chances are you or we won’t be able to lift it, the correct way would be to put the heavy items at the bottom of the box the soft and lighter items on top.

  When choosing boxes you should always use a good quality double walled box, we supply these free of charge, on the basis they are returned in a reusable. With double walled boxes you know your goods are going to get the best protection, they are also easy to stack, which when packing the back of a van makes a huge difference with time and they can be stacked higher, where as fruit boxes and banana crates, crisp boxes really aren’t design with house moves in mind.

Packing the item’s, ok, so if your packing the glasses or something equally as breakable, put plenty of scrunched up packing paper at the bottom of the box, this provides that extra bit of cushioning, similarly if you have lots of bedding or linens these too can also go in the bottom of the boxes.

Lay your packing paper out flat, put your glass in one corner and wrap it folding in the edges and filling any voids with the paper, place this standing in the box, one sheet per glass/ mug until the bottom of the box is tightly packed, the another layer of packing paper again scrunched up, don’t be shy with the paper.

The next layer should be larger items, but not heavy; fill any voids with packing paper seal the box up place a label on the box stating which room you want it place in when we arrive at your destination and if its fragile that should also be made clear to us. If your packing plates or bowls then again ensure that you have plenty of scrunched up wrapping paper at the bottom of the box, wrap the item in the same way and place on its edge as this is its strongest point, if you lay them flat they may break.

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